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Malath is an internet marketing company located in Saudi Arabia, Al-Riyadh. We provide many internet services in the Arabic area, including general design services.

Our team has an understanding of the internet that most companies do not, from the routers that power the backend, to the web servers, to the individual computers that are used to browse the web. This vast knowledge allows us to produce results not seen from your typical consulting company.
Malath competitive advantage is the ability to integrate best of class components from world wide source to provide a complete solution for our customer's local needs. We start at the point that other companies stop.

Our Message is that we are a cooperative team that grows continuously by developing our skills and abilities.
Al-Malath is on the top of marketplace for global trade and the leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters. It is the place for buyers and sellers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online. Al-Malath is not a trading company but rather an online business platform, where you can search or post information to find potential business partners.

We contribute to developing Information technology in our region. Thus we support establishing advanced Arabic society that has the ability to continue growing its knowledge in several fields of technology. We hope to implement many assorted projects in development and technology through programs that we have started.

Objectives of the company:
Our Objectives is achieving Marketplace excellence, applying all over abilities towards this purpose.
Additionally our success in understanding our customers' evolving needs, and meeting them through developments, acquisitions and partnerships.
Our mission is to deliver customized Internet solutions that empower small businesses, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations with tools to promote their services and events over the Web.

Indeed our task and our view our view is resulting from evaluated essential. We in Malath believe that the principles of the company are guarantees of success.
Market demand is the drive and basis of our endless innovation. Rich technical experience and the application of high technology make our products rank a leading place in the online in technology content, performance, reliability and maintenance cost, etc.

Qualification: Research and observation in Market created a professionalism distinguished by transparency, openness, diversity, challenge, accountability and respect the all.

Excellence: puts assigns our goals and challenges and investigation seeks for leaning to superior of the criteria

Development: We always anticipate change and use it to serve customer satisfaction.

Team work: Trust and good communication are essential. The cooperative soul of our team is the corner stone in our message and our goals. The success of the individual is driving success of the team. Achieving quality through teamwork is our aim.

Working Aspects:

Malath is one of the best pioneer organizations in presentation of Internet solutions and services in the Gulf area. We reach this point due to a dedicated team with broad range of knowledge, with excellent customer relations management skills. We offer best in class services using latest technologies.
Malath provide many activities, among them producing Prepaid Cards specifically for Internet connection, Hosting, and Domain reservation as well as Prepaid Cards in Mobile services like SMS, MMS, third generation Technology and Bluetooth solution.
With marketing solutions, we depend on new technological possibilities that result from the developments of technology.

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